Gear up for the Laya Trek with our checklist – essentials for alpine wonders, cultural gems, and a rejuvenating hot spring finale.

Trekking Clothing and Equipment Checklist:

Gear up for your trek with our concise checklist covering essentials like moisture-wicking layers, sturdy boots, and a reliable backpack. From sun protection to night navigation, we’ve got you covered for a safe and memorable adventure.



Warm beanie style hat – knitted or fleece Neck gaiter or scarf. It can get dusty in Bhutan and the air very cold. A scarf or balaclava comes in useful for keeping dust out and can double as a warm layer for your neck / face! Sun hat – preferably wide-brimmed for protection Sunglasses – high UV protection
Headlamp (plus extra batteries)



Leggings – thermal or fleece base layer (x1)
Trekking trousers – light or medium weight (x2) – convertible trousers work well Waterproof hard shell trousers – ski pants work fine (x1)



Thermal or fleece base layer jackets and lightweight preferably water resistant.



Trekking boots – mid weight with good ankle support
Training shoe or similar – to wear around camp
Mid-weight trekking socks (x3 pairs)
Breathable, high-wicking liner socks (x2 pairs)
Thermal trekking socks for upper reaches of your trek (x1 pair)



Small Rucksack or Daypack (30-40 liters) to carry water and personal items Waterproof duffle bag (approx 80-100 liters) – max weight when full should be 15kg. This weight restriction includes your sleeping bag. Your duffle will be carried by a porter Sleeping bag (4 season or -10 Deg C) and compression sack Insulated sleeping mat


Trekking poles

Water bottle or hydration bag – must be able to carry 1.5-2L of water Sunscreen high SPF Toiletries, including wet wipes and hand sanitizer – please carry all rubbish back off the trail.



1. Camera and spare batteries Plug adapter, for charging devices in hotels 2. Personal medication and first aid kit 3. Personal snacks and energy bars – dried fruit and nuts are also a good source of energy Isotonic drink powder / energy drink powder to mix in with your water. This improves flavor and helps replace electrolytes 4. Microfiber towel for wiping hands and face each day
Ear plugs, if you are a light sleeper
Pee bottle, useful for late night toilet needs
Dry bag (only required if your main duffle bag is not waterproof)