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Luxury Glamping


We now offer fully-serviced in the enchanting corners of our Himalayan Kingdom. Our tented outposts allow going beyond, to venture deeper, becoming fully immersed in pristine nature without compromising on comfort (or a slap-up dinner!).

Our ethos is to be as light-on-the-ground as possible, following the “leave no trace” golden rule (we don’t believe in semi-permanent “glamping” setups just pure, rustic but very comfortable, cozy camping).

Your very own well-appointed spacious walk-in tipi comes complete with wood burning stove, traditional rugs, and solar-powered lighting. Over the years we have recced countless sweet spots from Haa in the far west to The glamping adventures includes a simple picnic, BBQ or drinks party to overnight for a hike, pony trek, mountain bike ride, fly fishing expedition, wilderness, and/or meditation retreat.

The popular Glamping locations in Bhutan are Bumdra, Phobjikha, and Gogona. We shall have tailored your itinerary according to your comfort for you are our guest.

Yoga and Wellness

Bhutanese luxury wellness retreats are a fantastic blend of yoga, meditation, Asian spa, and cultural discovery. You will spend 6-nights in Bhutan, staying at one of the luxury hotels and spending your days discovering this mystical kingdom. If you’d prefer more nights simply get in touch or if you’d like to expand your horizons and see more of Bhutan, you might like an exclusive journey. Get in touch and we’ll create something magical with you in mind.

This 6 night Himalayan Luxury Wellness Retreat in Bhutan is a journey of yoga, guided meditation, and spiritual day tours to ancient temples and monasteries. You’ll learn about Bhutan and try out local traditions, such as archery. The resident yoga instructor will lead you into sacred caves for guided meditation and offer private yoga classes. You’ll also enjoy Ayurvedic Spa treatments and a relaxing Hot Stone bath. The Grand finale is, of course, a trek to the breathtaking Tiger’s Nest monastery. 

You’ll leave this magical land, where people measure their success in happiness, feeling wiser and soul satisfied.

Special Prayers Ceremony for Long Life

As a Buddhist nation, Buddhism is very much imbibed in our daily lives. The first thing we do in the morning before having a cup of hot butter tea (suja) is going to alter and offer our prayers for the well-being of all sentient beings in the world. According to the Great Buddhist Saint Guru Padmasambhava, Bhutan is noted as the most sacred and sanctified paradise in the universe. Thus if we make an effort to chant or say prayers in some of the most venerated monastery and pilgrim sites, the prayers and wishes are believed to come true. Therefore, our company offers a special prayer ceremony for guests to pay homage to the regional deity.

Besides the ceremony, if our guests are interested to learn deeply about Buddhism we also offer rituals such as teachings and blessings by respected lamas, the changing and hosting annually of the village prayer-flags for the prosperity and well-being of the community, the consecration of buildings and community prayers and fasting ceremonies.

We also let our guests hang prayer flags on the hilltop, along the bridges, etc. because it is believed that the deed will bring good luck, happiness, long life and offer good karma to all sentient beings.

Hung high to catch the wind, they are placed there because they are believed to bring good luck, happiness, long life and to offer good karma to all sentient beings.

Facts about Prayer Flags ; Bhutan Prayer Flags Color Meaning

  • The white prayer flag is for good fortune by purifying negative karma
  • The blue prayer flag is for health and longevity.
  • The yellow prayer flag is for victory over obstacles.
  • The red prayer flag is for fulfilling your wishes.
  • The green prayer flag is for compassion.

Chopper Ride in Bhutan

Explore Bhutan’s pristine backcountry on an epic airborne adventure thanks to our partnership with Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services and their two top of the line Airbus H130 aircraft (a third is on order for 2020) – happy in the knowledge that your charter has contributed to the cost of emergency air cover for the kingdom and subsidized flights for the highlanders.

The Heli scenic tour begins with a low overflying Paro valley covered in fertile rice fields along with the meandering Pa Chhu which divides the valley. Enroute it passes over ancient rural villages followed by some of Bhutan’s most famous and prominent sights. For those who have no plans on making the arduous trek up the mountain, this is a journey well worth taking.

Having traveled overland out to the Gangtey valley many of our guests choose to retrace their steps with a 30-minute heli flight back to Paro overflying Punakha, the Dochula, Thimphu, and the Dordenma Buddha with the main Himalayan mountain range out the right-hand window.

Flying deep into the Himalayan range we land at Mt Jomolhari Base Camp (4,080m) and explore its ruined fort and stupas. Air bore once again amongst the soaring peaks, over turquoise lakes and tumbling glaciers within sight of four countries – Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Tibet, the chopper crests one final ridge and plunges back to base at Paro airport.


If you miss out to travel to Bhutan during the festival season, we make sure that our guests traveling to Bhutan get the essence of popular and significant mask dances. Therefore, we let you experience the culture of Bhutan through the dazzling dances performed by the locals. Watch the dancers present Bhutanese traditional performance cultural performance and mesmerizing mask dance solely for you while you binge on scrumptious dinner after day-long sightseeing.

Mask dances are performed to invoke male and female deities, sages and saints, and all the mythical and legendary personalities. It is performed with devotion with drums, cymbals, conch shells, drums, horns, and bells that rips the air. It may appear very entertaining externally, but when seen with better insight, symbolizes victory, wealth, joy, spirituality, and various stages of life.

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Culture Tours

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of traditions and heritage with our Culture Tour. Explore ancient temples, witness vibrant festivals, and engage with local communities to experience the heart and soul of a destination. Let our expert guides unveil the fascinating stories behind each cultural gem, creating memories that resonate with the essence of the region.

Luxury Tours

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our Trekking Tour, where breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures await. Traverse rugged terrains, conquer majestic peaks, and witness nature's grandeur up close. Our experienced guides ensure a seamless blend of challenge and awe-inspiring beauty, making every step a testament to your spirit of exploration.

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Indulge in opulence and refinement with our Luxury Tour, where every moment is a celebration of exclusivity. From sumptuous accommodations to curated experiences, we tailor every aspect to cater to your discerning tastes. Enjoy personalized service, gourmet delights, and unparalleled comfort as you explore the world's most enchanting destinations in style.