ProtonVPN is a security-focused VPN that offers both free and paid tiers with varying features. The free package limits one to one unit and only has 100-plus servers in three countries, while the paid tiers deliver much more.

The company’s bank-grade encryption protects your data coming from attackers and also other threat celebrities. The services also comments to be a no-logs provider and underwent a great audit to prove that. This prevents government agencies right from tracking you and gives you the comfort to know that the privacy can be protected.

1 of the most extremely interesting features ProtonVPN presents is the Secure Center, which provides a supplementary layer of protection. This feature scrambles your connection twice by simply routing that through two different hosts, including the company’s Secure Center server in Switzerland. This protects your data against snoopers and hackers who also try to grab your data through DNS requests.

Besides the Protect Core, ProtonVPN offers a wide range of other security features that make it one of the greatest choices available in the market. You can find a summary of all the readily available features on their website and a comparison table to help you decide which arrange is best suited for your needs.

ProtonVPN’s customer support is available via email and they usually respond in a few hours. In addition they maintain a subreddit where you can post questions and get answers from other users, which is a great touch. The only downside to this really is that the support team is found in Europe, so you might have a bit of a hang on time if you’re not inside the same prude like them.

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