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A good backlink monitor will also be able to tell the difference between a new webpage and a new IP address that is backlinking to you. Here’s an exact search. I can’t begin to tell you how much work Moz has put into and continues to put into our index. It’s now up to you to find the tool you think is most suited to your needs. Pricing: paying from 289€ to 999€/month. A for sending newsletters and promotional offers. You can easily find out what backlinks your competition has by using on the many tools on the market. The platform gives you a holistic view of your backlink profile, complete with overviews and specific data points about individual links. The Dashboard really does give you all the information you are seeking in one place and is perfectly built to show correlation in your efforts. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and the criteria they use to rank websites continuously change.

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Mention also provides some other features which include. You can sort this data based on the date the link was acquired, or only show links gained in a specific period. Whilst you may have nailed the art of acquiring inbound links and are probably feeling reasonably pleased with yourself, that’s only half the job. A great site explorer tool will go beyond merely showing data and often offer insights on how to get backlinks, monitor your backlink profile and provide advanced ways to filter, group, sort and export backlink data. It keeps track of all your backlinks automatically and alerts you of any errors or backlink changes. There‘s a lot to like about Ubersuggest, but it has its downsides. It is an all in one SEO toolkit that will help you ensure your site ranks.

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How do I analyze backlinks. If you want potential customers and clients to linger on your website for markedly longer periods of time, zeroing in on backlinks may be in your greatest interests. Securing backlinks from authoritative websites is crucial for improving your website’s search engine rankings. However, some may find it too expensive to pay for a backlink tool separately. Written by Sunny Kumar. Majestic provides a top notch tracking and management system for backlinks. If you want to extend this service to monitor your competitors’ websites as well, that function can be added for an additional fee. But you can use OutlookIndia the link building query generator to find interesting link building opportunities. Thank you so much for helping me fix bad pages on my site with the 4xx bad pages alert. There are a few different ways you can find your competitors’ backlinks.


Although developed by Small SEO Tools SST, this free backlink analyzer is fully integrated with Ahrefs’ engine to pull and display a detailed backlink report for any active website or web page. These features are available in the BuzzSumo Pro version. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. But, in many cases, we’re content to leave this task on the desk of the SEO experts. With SE Ranking it’s easy to see which links are valuable and keep an eye out for spammy links. The quality of the backlinks that come up in your search results carries an ‘LIS’ Link Influence Score ranking that calculates the power of the links you find by a range of factors in order to tell you its true value to your site. Add your link and check if it is do follow or no follow desktop and mobile user agent, live or not.

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On the other hand, black hat link building is spammy or tries to manipulate the system, which is against Google’s webmaster rules. Checking the indexing of a page with your backlinks in the Google search engine. A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect for when you want to redirect a specific URL to a different subpage on your website for a period of time. Step 1: Visit the website of SEO SpyGlass and download and install SEO SpyGlass on your computer. But this technique is not so efficient. Here are some scenarios in which you may find Linkio especially helpful. This will help you determine why a site is ranking better than yours. ” If you want to breathe new energy into these links, software can help you out. Crank up your backlink strategy with Moz Pro – the backlink checker maestro that’s a hot ticket for digital marketers. One important aspect of backlink monitoring is determining the quality and relevance of the backlinks. This is the 3rd and final post in our series on backlinks. The below screenshot gives an overview of the plans offered by Linkody. The last tool that had to be added to this list is Linkody.


SE ranking is a full package SEO tool with a backlink checker and tracking tool. Collaborating with influencers or any public figure in the same field as your business can also strengthen your link building strategy. Luckily, backlink checkers and tools can really simplify the backlinking management process and will even help you find backlink opportunities. But once your operations begin to scale, you can’t give each update to your backlinks the same attention that you once did. An in depth assessment can help you identify new possibilities to acquire backlinks. If you need to manually verify the presence and indexability of a single link, you can use Super Monitoring’s dedicated tool. The tool also allows you to add links to a Disavow file, enabling you to keep your site’s link profile clean in nearly real time. For each link, there’s a + symbol you can click on to open additional info like the tag of the link dofollow or nofollow, the referring domain, the type of link, host info, IP, etc. While its pricing might be overwhelming for smaller websites, it provides excellent value for projects with larger budgets. Enroll now for our SEO certificate course today. While the vast majority of such trackers scan the entire Internet in search of new links, Sitechecker makes it possible to import important links found in Ahrefs or GSC, as well as manually created ones, without spending extra resources.

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“I was looking for a tool to help my customers see exactly what we’re working on and what value it gives them. Required fields are marked. Tiered link building is a little used but powerful backlinking strategy that you can use to boost your existing links. To do that, select the groups you want to refresh. I check it regularly to figure out which content other sites are linking to. Also, you can filter and sort backlink data based on various criteria. You can even get daily or weekly reports to track progress regularly. Morningscore brings you a new kind of a backlink analysis tool. Click on the link below to start your Serpstat trial. As you can guess, “Live” – are backlinks that refer to the working pages. Backlink analysis and an anchor text analysis of your website can be obtained by creating an account with the service. They also provide a team of talented writers, designers, and developers for leading brands, helping them boost their SEO strategies such as link building.

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It’s dedicated to this purpose, with some additional options, but it does its work right. This backlink checker tool offers a wide range of SEO tools in addition to its backlink checker. I just want to briefly go over two of the main points from above, because they’re extremely important, particularly for people new to SEO and blogging. While you’re here, check out our roundup of SEO statistics to learn more about the state of SEO and how to dominate the search results this year. In addition to the number of backlinks, their quality and relevance to users are major factors affecting your website’s credibility. Lifetime access saves 90%. If you don’t want to have to set aside a single penny for a site that seems somewhat spammy, then monitoring the state of these links is precisely the thing that you should do. These kinds of links can encourage your target audience members to have full confidence in you and in your site. Alternative tools: Semrush, Moz, and SE Ranking; they offer the same value as Ahrefs. There are already a lot of easy to use options available in the market. Your specific request may require that you complete a CAPTCHA. Some of them have a clear specialization, while others come bundled with other SEO modules for comprehensive resource optimization.

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With it, you will explore details such as. Please read this article. They send your pages the “juice” they need to rank higher in Google search results. The tool does not have a premium version, but it is a comprehensive one by itself. You can also import backlinks to the Backlinks Monitoring tool manually or from Google Search Console. I am looking into signing up but there is no option for entering the code now. Thanks to such polished features to complement your link building efforts, you will always be one step ahead of the competition. Hope you like our content. We instantly populate backlinks stats to your dashboard. Just by typing in your competitor’s domain name, it can identify its most powerful backlinks, evaluating them with renowned metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and others. It is an effective solution for link building strategies like outreach and PBN, offering the ability to scrutinize your backlinks recognized by Ahrefs and competitor insights. Each change will be reflected in your backlink profile in one way or another.


Quality backlinks are a huge part of the SEO job, but just getting them doesn’t mean the job is done. By utilising and incorporating these tools into your SEO efforts, you can improve your visibility and ranking on search engine results pages, resulting in increased traffic and revenue to your website. Com The place for business. SE Ranking is a premium backlink checker that empowers you to evaluate incoming links to your website using data from Google Webmaster Tools. As part of a netlinking strategy and if your try to optimise this lever to get incoming links to your website, it may be advantageous to use backlinks management tools. It shows metrics like domain authority, page authority, linking domains, inbound links, and even competitive link metrics that allow you to check up to four of your competitors’ backlink profiles. If you manage your backlink profile regularly, you can look for bad links that can pose harm to your website’s SEO success. What makes them valuable in the first place. You can do more with Semrush by connecting with Zapier to keep track of SEO tasks across Semrush and your project management tool, automate site audits and re crawls, connect with Google Analytics goals, and more. It is used by some of the most prominent web companies, so you can trust that it is something that people think is great for enterprise users. Thanks so much for offering this helpful tool. However, not all backlinks are created equal.

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For example, you can use BrightEdge’s backlink report to see how often people are linking to your content from high quality pages. The features that make for a great keyword research tool are pretty straightforward: you search for a given keyword, and the tool tells you about it. Linkody is perfect for beginners, or anyone who just wants a quick, high level view of their backlink profile. It offers a combination of features such as link analysis, checking the indexing status, and competitor research. BuzzSumo also provides insights into your competitors’ backlink profiles, aiding in the identification of new link building opportunities and tracking your competition’s link building strategies. Then all you have to do is write to the site admin and ask for some juicy links. Majestic SEO enables you to.

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There’s also an AIOSEO Lite version which you can use for free. I would like to purchase a money robot too, thanks for information. Mention is a tool that helps brands monitor discussions about their company. This type of software automates your backlink checking efforts, allowing you to focus on partnering with relevant websites and building more links. Plus, it’s a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome. Tracking multiple websites at the same time. You can also research competitor backlinks and see how they are earning their links and how. Overall this software has features that are user friendly, with easy to read metric charts letting you know how you rank, how your competitors rank, what SEO techniques are working and where you can improve. There are 5 different plans available, from Webmaster to Agency Xl. Linkio also provides a “Link Building” feature that identifies potential link building opportunities based on your target keywords and competitors’ backlink profiles. Linkody is a dedicated backlinks monitoring tool with all the features you need to track campaigns. If manual, you’d need to search all over and add links to a sheet with other relevant information.

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Well, this is exactly where the need for the best backlink checker tools comes in. There isn’t a “best” tool that’s right for everyone. It’s a platform originally designed for content marketing services, but it also comes with professional tools for SEO experts. It’s a possibility to make the backlinks monitoring really easy. It is trusted by businesses like Airbnb, Adidas, and Skyscanner. You come to know from where they get Dofollow links. It does not make sense to pay an annual fee to check a site twice an year. I am a newbie agency and although I do have 2 years under my belt of SEO, I’m still pretty new but yet I want to offer good services and a robust tool. The site audit tool creates detailed reports of your website, highlighting broken links, duplicate content, and losses in website speed. Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market overview and tips on how to select SEO and SEM software for business. Monitor Backlinks allows you to customize your alerts and reports to suit your preferences.

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It’s free, so why not try it out. BacklinkGap is free to use, and you can even get a shareable link report of your monitored backlinks. CognitiveSEO provides several internet marketing tools to help propel your website to the top. With the SEMrush tool, you will be able to do. David has always had a loyal customer base and strong sales. Other free or freemium options include Ubersuggest, Monitor Backlinks, and Open Site Explorer by Moz. Since search engines measure trust, backlinks could help boost your rankings. Its too time consuming whenever I started link campaign manually. When it comes to choosing a backlink checker, two popular options that often come to mind are Semrush and Ahrefs. The next backlink checker is LinkBox, convenient software for backlink monitoring and checking the indexing status. The information that they use is accessible to anyone who knows where to look a backlink monitor simply collects and parses the information in a way that is easier to understand. You can view important metrics such as domain authority, anchor text, and referring domain count to assess the overall health of your backlink profile.

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